Jingqing Ma

International Business, Government, Emerging Market

President, Leading Capital
Chairman, Shandong Meihua Communication Technology

Mr. Ma is the President of Leading Capital, Chairman of Shandong Meihua Communication Technology and Executive Managing Director of Heze Juntai Management. Before founding the Leading Capital, Mr. Ma served as the Directorof Heze Investment Economic Development, the Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Heze Economic Development Zone, and the Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of Government of Heze.

Mr. Ma has been engaged in investment promotion, capital financing, project construction, technological innovation, corporate management, environmental protection and security, and international exchanges ofdifferent government agencies for a long time. Meanwhile, Mr. Ma guides enterprises in investment and financing, IPO, strategic planning, foreign trade, and oversea cooperation.

With his great endeavor, enterprises and government related projectsthat Mr. Ma involved in successfully attracted more than $1 billion capital financing,including well-known technology companies in China, such as Shandong Meihua ,Heze New-Century Technology Park, Chenxin Group, Yuhuang Chemical Group and CindaElectronics, etc.

Jingqing Ma graduated from Shandong Normal University in1990 and obtained an MBA from the Wright State University Business School inthe United States in 2004.