Realizing the need for capital is simply the first step.  Determining the right capital structure to best allow your company to achieve its goals is often much more difficult.  Our Professional Advisors will guide your team through each step of raising the right combination of debt and equity that is right for you.

Bank Debt

Our Professional Advisors will work with you and your bankers to ensure the proper bank lines are in place, which is critical for managing cash flow. We have significant experience arranging:

  • Operating facilities

  • Term loans

  • Project lending

  • Letters of credit

  • Margining

  • Securitization

  • Government-supported loans

Alternative Debt

Mezzanine Debt is an expensive form of financing that is typically used for growth stages in a company’s lifecycle when senior bank debt is not readily available and the cost of equity is too high. Mezzanine financing is typically unsecured, carries a high-interest rate (typically 10-24%) due to the higher risk, and typically has more flexible repayment terms. It is often used for short to medium term funding gaps (such as for an acquisition, LBO, working capital bridge loan, etc.)


A Convertible Debenture is a type of loan issued by a company to investors. The Convertible Debenture is generally unsecured and carries a lower rate of interest than Mezzanine Debt, while provides the upside of being convertible into shares of the issuing company.


We also can advise you on how to structure a private equity issuance to increase your company’s equity base. Once a company is large enough, IPOs and secondary offerings would typically be managed by an investment bank. Our Professional Advisors will work with you to choose a proper investment banking partner and develop a scope of work, due diligence package, and assist in providing proper information for the offering documents.

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