Saskatoon startup Immigrate closed $1.5 million pre-seed round

July 26, 2022

Red Leaf Capital co-led the pre-seed round of Immigrate and takes one seat on its board as part of this round.

The Canadian immigration industry is currently valued at 13 billion dollars and is expected to grow. Immigrate has just closed a preseed round and is ready to meet this growing demand.

Immigrate’s Pre-seed round is led by Red Leaf Capital and Tribune Capital. To date, Immigrate has raised over $1,500,000 in total financing, including over $780,000 of equity finance and $700,000 of grant funding.

Immigrate will use this funding to further advance their immigration automation solutions, increasing overall efficiency and productivity to expand its sales/marketing for further market penetration. Immigrate expects to double its customer base by the end of 2023. The complex immigration paperwork process traditionally takes over 40 hours to complete, Immigrate’s software reduces that time to 3 hours.

“Immigration is time-consuming, confusing and stressful. Our goal is to make immigration a 1 click process”, said Dirk Propp, Immigrate Founder & CEO. “With this investment, we will help more businesses affected by the global labour shortage and people needing immigration help.”

“The growth and market traction Immigrate has been able to accomplish is impressive”, said Shane Li, President and CEO of Red Leaf Capital. “We are optimistic that Immigrate will lead the growth of the immigration service industry in a more user-friendly, transparent and efficient way in Canada and internationally.”

“We’re impressed with the opportunity Immigrate has unlocked for Canadian businesses who are struggling to find foreign workers”, said Michael McLean, Director of Tribune Capital. “Given their extensive experience in this space, we’re confident in Immigrate’s founding team and their deep understanding of the immigration system in Canada.”

Read about what inspired Dirk Propp and Keli Propp, as the founder of Immigrate here: