Establishing a value for a private company is not only important for buying or selling a business, valuations are also used for numerous other purposes, such as:
  • Capital gains tax calculations

  • Estate planning

  • Business reorganizations

  • Family law matters such as fair distribution of assets in a divorce

  • Mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures

  • Litigation support

  • Going public/going private transactions


Our Professional Advisors are trained in numerous valuation methods and will ensure your company is valued in a fair and accurate manner.

Industry Analysis
Competitive Analysis
Operations Review
Financial Performance
Projected Income Statement
Projected Balance Sheet
Projected Cash Flows
DCF Valuation Methods
Earnings Based Valuation Methods
Asset Based Valuation Methods
Final Company Value
Full Valuation Package
Business Plan + Valuations
Business Summary + Valuation
Methods and Final Value
Detailed Analysis​
Section Summary
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